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Stampede City Insulation is aware of the value of quality insulation in your house or business. Using our insulation services, you can save big on your monthly energy expenditures. This means that you may save money and protect the environment.

Our staff has offered insulation services in Calgary, Alberta, and the near by area for many years. We provide warm, prompt, and professional insulation services. When you work with Stampede City Insulation, we’ll design a customized plan tailored to your specific requirements and goals. We want to reduce your energy use while assisting with time and financial savings.

Contact us for a free estimate to find out how Stampede City Insulation can make this happen! Because of our accommodating schedule, you can choose a time that suits you best. With Stampede City Insulation, you won’t ever be concerned about paying excessive energy prices. Let us demonstrate how much the insulation in your house or place of business may be improved!

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At Stampede City Insulation, we proudly offer personalized insulation plans for your property in Calgary, AB. Our team has years of experience and can help you make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable.

Please don’t wait any longer to contact us! We’ll come to your home for free and give you a good idea of how much it will cost to insulate your home. You can trust us to help you save money and improve your home!

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Stampede City Insulation is a truthful and straightforward company that has seen everything. Our years of experience mean you will get tried and trustworthy advice on making the temperature inside your home just right.

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Our insulation services are well known because we have lots of experience serving Calgary. We work hard to ensure everything is done perfectly so our customers trust and feel right to recommend us.

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If you need help figuring out the best way to insulate your home or business, our experts can help. We’re good at what we do and always ensure we talk to our customers and make sure we understand exactly what they need.

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We can work around your schedule to assess your home or business’s insulation. We also have excellent prices that are very competitive, so you can trust us to give you a fair deal. We’ll tell you how much your project will cost for free!

FAQ About Insulation In Calgary

We’ve collected some of the frequently asked questions about insulation while providing services in Calgary. While everyone knows what to expect from each season’s weather, only some understand how much insulation is needed, how R-values work, and other insulation-related questions. Look through our FAQ; if you still want an answer, call us to better serve you.

How does weather affect insulation in Calgary?

Educating yourself on the Calgary climate is very important for understanding how it affects insulation. Calgary has lengthy, cold winters and short, pleasant summers. During the winter season, temperatures average below 3 degrees Celsius from November until March, with January being the coldest month at an average low of -11 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the city receives a lot of snow, with November often receiving an average of 62 millimeters.

Given the severity of the weather, buildings, and dwellings must have adequate insulation. There would be a significant rise in energy use and heating costs due to the rapid heat loss from uninsulated homes and buildings. This can be a significant problem for people who own homes or run businesses, especially in the winter.

Insulation aids in keeping the temperature within a building at a reasonable level by minimizing heat loss and blocking the flow of cold air through the building’s envelope (the walls, ceiling, and floor). Insulation helps keep buildings warm and comfortable in the winter by reducing energy use. Still, it also helps keep buildings at a steady temperature throughout the year.

In addition, with summertime highs reaching 30°C, having adequate insulation is a must. Having well-insulated walls, ceilings, and floors helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. This lessens the demand for air conditioning systems, reducing energy use and costs.

What are the R-Values for Calgary?

R-Values are essential in determining a building’s energy efficiency in Calgary. These values vary by zone and are determined by the area’s degree days below 18°C. The effective R-value is the insulating value of a single assembly. In contrast, the nominal R-value is the design value for the entire assembly.

With an HRV installed, the minimum required R-values for Ceilings below the attic, Cathedral ceiling/flat roof, Walls, Floors over unheated space, and Basement walls in Zone 7A are R49.2, R28.5, R16.9, R28.5, and R16.9, respectively. All requirements increase in the absence of an HRV. The minimum required R-values for ceilings below the attic, cathedral ceilings/flat roofs, walls, floors over unheated space, and basement walls in Zone 7B are the same as in Zone 7A, except for walls, which require R16.9 with an HRV installed and R3.85 without an HRV.

Other designs will be acceptable if calculations and all required information are submitted for review. Actual insulation values for walls, ceilings, and floors are needed with an HRV installed, with minimum requirements for a 2×6 wall system 16″ on center at R24 Batts in the wall cavity and a 2×6 wall system 24″ on center at R22 Batts in the wall cavity. Tall walls must be calculated independently of other walls.

HVAC systems, air conditioners, and fuel-fired appliances must meet specific requirements, such as minimum performance requirements, direct vent and pilot on demand for gas-fired appliances, humidification controls on HVAC, and the prevention of heating and cooling systems operating concurrently. To meet the same standard as the wall assembly, ducts, and piping must be insulated and sealed.

For each zone, windows and doors must have a minimum U-value and energy rating. Zone 7A requires a U-value of 1.60 and a minimum Energy rating of 25. In contrast, Zone 7B requires a U-value of 1.40 and a minimum Energy rating of 29.

Proper insulation is required to achieve the required R-Values for Calgary ceilings, walls, and floors, including R-value batts, exterior side insulation, air space cavity, and rim joist spaces. Minimum insulation requirements must also be met for shallow foundations, truss heels, living space above an attached garage, and floors with in-floor heating.

Here is a larger chart to help you understand:

Zone 6Zone 7AZone 7B
No Heat Vent Recovery (R)Yes Heat Vent Recovery (R)No Heat Vent Recovery (R)Yes Heat Vent Recovery (R)No Heat Vent Recovery (R)Yes Heat Vent Recovery (R)
Ceiling below attics494959495959
Cathedral ceilings and flat roofs262729292929
Above grade walls181718172218
Floors over unheated spaces272729292929
Rim joists181818172218
Below grade foundation walls161620162016
Unheated floors below frost lineuninsulateduninsulateduninsulated
Exterior walls of a heated attached garage181718172218
Walls adjacent to an unconditioned garage171617162117
Unheated floors above frost line111111111111
Slabs-on-grade with an integral footing111121162116
Heated Floors131316161616
Windows and doors999988
Skylight shafts181718172218

Are most homes and businesses in Calgary energy efficient?

When the cooler fall and winter months approach, homeowners are more likely to turn their thermostats up, which results in a rise in their monthly energy expenditures.

Did you know that home heating and cooling costs approximately half of a typical family’s monthly energy bill?

For this reason, it is essential to adequately insulate your home. Insulation works by entrapping minute pockets of air, which slows down the heat transfer rate; the R-value of an insulation material indicates how well it resists heat transfer. It is crucial to analyze your home’s insulation and consider updating it because many houses in Canada, particularly older ones built before 1960, may need more insulation.

Although it may seem like a costly investment up front, updating insulation can pay for itself in the long run by lowering monthly energy bills, increasing the home’s value, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It is strongly suggested that priority be given to insulating the attic, outside walls, walls separating the house from unheated spaces, and floors above unheated spaces.

Moreover, drafts should be blocked, and an energy assessment performed by an expert can assist in determining the most effective insulation technique for your home.